Promoting a healthy lifestyle for the past 20 years as an ACE Personal Trainer, has allowed me to train women through all the stages of their lives. Some of my clients seek training when they are thinking about conceiving, to ensure they are in optimal health once pregnant. From there, they continue training throughout their pregnancy, listening to their bodies, while honoring the belief that they are pregnant, not weak or fragile. Training through pregnancy allows women to build endurance, core strength, flexibility, and stamina. All of these components of training have proven beneficial during labor, often promoting easier, shorter, and less complicated deliveries. (Clap, 2002)

Once cleared by their provider, women find that getting back into a some type of exercise routine, helps promote overall well being, emotionally as well as physically. Your “new” body has just been through a “marathon.” Knowing how to continue your fitness journey safely is key. My experience as a Birth Doula and Prenatal/Postnatal yoga teacher gives you the added assurance that I am focusing on exercises that are appropriate for you as a new mother. Whether you are looking to strengthen your body, become more flexible, build endurance or just feel better every single day, I’m here to help. Feel free to contact Stacy at (240) 925-8312.

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