Caitlin G.

Before getting pregnant I did not know much about doulas and the role they played. At first I thought the idea was silly, but I quickly changed my mind 20 weeks into my pregnancy. It was my first time being pregnant and had tons of questions. Sam was able to answer the thousands of questions I asked any time of day and night. Sam was very supportive during labor and guided my husband and I throughout our journey. I’m blessed that she was our doula.

Maria M.

I went to pre-natal yoga at Evolve and met Stacy. She created a welcome and safe environment to new moms which I so desperately needed as a FTM. I had heard excellent testimonies from other friends who had hired her as a doula and so it was an easy decision to hire her a doula. She provided me as well as my husband with information about labor and delivery as well as post-partum recovery and breastfeeding. There is so much information on the internet that it was nice to haveone trusted source. I looked at her breastfeeding information sheets countless times in the first few weeks and that knowledge empowered me to recognize an infection that I might not have realized until much later. As to the actual labor and delivery, she helped me identify that I was in early labor and helped us decide when to go to the hospital. This was invaluable given I had no clue about which stage of labor I was in and when to go to the hospital as a FTM. At the hospital she was the advocate that my husband and I needed. My husband could focus on me. Stacy provided support for the entire (long) labor and her knowledge/advice were invaluable. She helped me do different poses to progress labor and was constantly recommending something new to try. Her support meant the world to us! I recommend Stacy to all my friends who are pregnant!

Kristin B.

Stacy was amazing throughout my entire pregnancy, birth and recovery. She was always available to answer questions, offer support and checking in on me. Having Stacy involved allowed my husband and me to take a breath and relax a little through everything. Her knowledge of pregnancy and the birthing process helped ease any concerns and she was able to provide many tips on how to cope with common pregnancy issues such as back pain, leg cramping and water retention. The support Stacy offered is hard to describe but not measurable. The support did not stop after my son was born she followed up afterwards at home and with other visits which helped ease the transition of having a newborn. I highly recommend her!

Stephanie T.

So impressed with the Doulas of Southern Maryland. Having Samantha’s support was huge in the delivery of Aurora. The relationship that i gained throughout my entire pregnancy helped me become extremely educated with my body and my baby. I’m so glad we decided to hire them. Samantha answered the call at 4am and met us at the hospital promptly. Never left our side and made sure our needs were taken care of after Aurora’s arrival

Alycia S.

My husband and I hired Stacy for the births of both of our children. They were very different experiences, but her support made an enormous difference, each time. With my daughter, I had an unmedicated vaginal birth. Stacy emotionally supported my husband and I in the months and weeks leading up to birth and showed us techniques for managing early labor in home. Although we had attended classes, having someone in our house showing us how and where to go, and reinforcing what we had learned in the last weeks before birth was very helpful. When my labor progressed unexpectedly quickly, it was Stacy who evaluated the situation and pushed for us to go to the hospital earlier than we planned– which was good, because I was already in transition and we did not know. She supported both of us through labor, and in the first moments after birth, making sure that I was fed and cared for while I learned to feed my daughter. She supported me following the birth, checking in and visiting, making sure that I was caring for myself as well and getting any support or advice that I needed.

For my second child, we felt very prepared, until we discovered that he was breech. Stacy and I discussed the information from my providers, and she came to our home and showed us some techniques for trying to convince my stubborn baby to move. She supported me emotionally as I worked to accept that I may need a c section birth. She held me while I got an epidural placed so that my husband didn’t have to see something that would’ve made him sick. And when our external version led to an urgent c-section, she was with my husband, calming his fears and supporting him while he waited in the hallway not knowing if our baby was okay. Again, she checked in with me in the weeks and months following birth, listening to me and making sure that I had what I needed.

Her calming presence and support made both of my births positive experiences, when they could have been frightening or traumatic. Having her knowledge and understanding of the process allowed my husband and I to focus on each other, and on our baby, and not worry about what was happening around us. I cannot recommend hiring a doula enough, and I wholeheartedly recommend Stacy.

Micah B.

Stacy is, hands down, the best decision we made for our birth team! Her energy, knowledge, and love were invaluable during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. A year later, I still can’t believe how lucky we were to find such an amazing doula for our first baby!

Conrad H.

Stacy was incredible for us before, during, and after our pregnancy. She is a wealth of information about best practices, is on a first-name basis with pretty much the entire hospital staff as well as local ob-gyn’s and midwives, and nothing fazes her in the delivery room. She was there for us whenever we needed her, any time of day or night, and she continued to provide support and knowledge – including multiple home visits – after our daughter was born. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Stacy!

Brittany T.

Samantha was absolutely wonderful in guiding me and my husband through pregnancy, labor, and beyond. As my due date approached, I was nervous (of course!) but confident knowing that I had an awesome support team. Samantha took the time not only to be my coach but also my friend, and I am forever grateful for that. I was initially unsure about hiring a doula, but I can say, without a doubt, that it was the best decision my husband and I made during my pregnancy. I was also unsure if I wanted to attempt an unmedicated birth and was able to ask plenty of questions without fear of judgement, knowing I would have her support either way.

We were also fortunate enough to take Samantha’s childbirth class (offered separately), which was fantastic. Overall, Samantha and Doulas of Southern Maryland made a very unfamiliar (and scary) event an empowering process that I can truly feel proud of, and gaining a supportive friend in Samantha just adds to the joy of the whole experience!

Beatriz, Santiago & Isabella

Dear Sam,

Thank you for making one of the most important moments in our lives so special, joyful and unforgettable (especially for that Dura Dura video! LOL). You are an instrument of God by helping so many women bring life into this world and I will always be grateful for that.

Much love,

Beatriz, Santiago and Isabella

Virginia R.

We highly recommend Samantha Feldman! I was referred to her by a friend, although I was not sure of having a doula at first. My husband and I are so glad we made the decision to partner with Samantha! She exceeded all our expectations! I was planning to have a natural child birth and had invested in some classes before we met Samantha. She took time to prepare us further and guided us to come up with a birth plan that included everything we wanted. We learned so much more from her. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth. She was very helpful before, during and after delivery. Our birth story did not go exactly as planned as I had to be induced because of unavoidable issues with my body. Samantha was amazing and ensured that everything went according to plan as much as possible. She created a calm and relaxed environment for me and my husband despite the challenges. She then guided us in making informed decisions whenever we had to deviate from the birth plan. She was an advocate for us at the hospital the whole time. I could keep going, but in the end I am so happy and feel lucky to have a wonderful birth experience as a first time mum. I am forever grateful to Samantha. We hope to have her for baby number 2!

Brandi G.

“Stacy is amazing – we’ve worked with a lot of doulas, and she is by FAR the best and most helpful one we’ve ever met. You lucked out finding her” – our L&D nurses. I completely agree!

As a first time mom I feel so lucky and grateful that I met Stacy, and I can’t say enough awesome things about how much she changed my outlook on becoming a Mom. Having her support before, during, and after the birth of my first baby was a hugely comforting and empowering. She helped me find my strength when I needed it most. Thank you, Stacy!

Kelly W.

As a first time parent, I had no idea what to expect. Stacy helped me figure out what I wanted my birth experience to be. From yoga, exercises, pain management, and self love to birth plans, playlists, and birthing tools…
Stacy helped me facilitate eveything I needed and more. Most importantly she was able to help my husband be as involved and included in the birth process as possible without feeling helpless and overwhelmed. My 43 hour labor ended up not being my dream labor, but I was never scared because of the mental preparation and support Stacy offered me. I couldn’t imagine pregnancy, child birth, and motherhood without a doula, and Stacy!

Maggie D.

I can not say enough great things about Stacy! It was an amazing experience to have her as our Doula for the birth of our daughter. I had no clue I needed or wanted a Doula until half way through my pregnancy. I met Stacy from her Pre/Post Natal Yoga classes (highly recommend), and when we hired her as our Doula she was there to answer all our questions and help us come up with our birth plan. It was amazing to have her support during labor, delivery and recovery. I really hope we are till living in the area when we have our second so we can hire her again!

Ali H.

One of the best decisions we could have made during our last pregnancy was to hire our awesome doula Stacy Seigel. The support, knowledge and care she provided were so worth it! We are using her services again this pregnancy. I highly recommend looking into this option to any expectant mom.

Christa L.

Stacy is a game changer in so many ways! Just weeks before my first son was due, she took me on as a client. She talked me through the first signs and early stage of labor. At the hospital, Stacy used her body (applying counter pressure and massage), her mind (suggesting different positions and techniques), and her soul (exuding calmness and confidence) to support me so I could have the unmedicated vaginal birth that I wanted. Shortly after my son was born, my husband and I agreed that her presence had been invaluable. During the “fourth trimester,” a challenging time for any new mother, Stacy checked in on me and visited me at home. She invited me to bring my son to her pre and post natal yoga class, which ended up providing another priceless support system. When I got pregnant again a couple years later, someone asked if I planned to have a doula. My husband answered “YES!” before I could even process the question. Because I hired Stacy early on, I received her informative emails about pregnancy and birth. I always had someone to call or text with any questions or concerns, and I enjoyed meeting up for “doula dates.” I felt much more prepared, both mentally and physically, going into my second son’s birth. As before, Stacy helped me achieve my birth goals. If I am fortunate enough to have a third baby some day, she will be one of the first people I call.

Sarah G.

When I found out I was pregnant with #3 I mentioned to my husband about hiring a doula. He was very skeptical at first but once I explained I wanted to have a successful VBAC and do it naturally, he began to open up to the idea. Samantha was the first Doula I contacted, first to interview and first to hire.

She instantly felt like family to us! Being my history during pregnancies it was so nice to have her there for support. Even though I know I drove her nuts with all of crazy questions and concerns she was incredible… and I hadn’t even gone into labor yet.

My labor was the dream labor!! Samantha made the setting so relaxing, she helped me thru every ache, pain, contraction. She reminded me multiple times that I could do this and that I wanted to do this!!!

Without Samantha there is no way I would have successfully had a VBAC and if I did it most defiantly would not have been natural.

Thank you Samantha for making our last pregnancy and delivery the most incredible experience ever!!! You will forever be a very special person to our family. We love you so much.

Jeff C.

My wife and I recently had a beautiful little girl and could not be more happier that we chose Samantha for our doula. During my wife’s last couple months of pregnancy, she developed some pretty serious health concerns, and Samantha was instrumental in helping us navigate the choices that we had to make, and also what to expect. I have to admit, being the uninformed husband, I was skeptical at first of what a doula was and how she would be able to help us. I could not have been more wrong. She really bridged the gap in medical care, and was extremely knowledgeable. I could not envision us going through a pregnancy any other way. My wife and I can not thank Sam enough, she went above and beyond for us and our little one. She is a friend for life.

Heather L.

Thank you so much Samantha for everything! I am thankful for your help not only during our daughter’s birth, but also throughout my pregnancy (which was not textbook by any means!) I felt a connection from day one, like we had been friends for years. You were extremely caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a natural childbirth without your help and encouragement. But I think the thing that meant even more to me was how you stepped up for my husband and daughter when my condition took a turn for the worse. I don’t know what he would have done without you there. Your compassionate care and sincere concern for all 3 of us means more than I can say. You were always thinking ahead (e.g. asking me what I wanted to do if our daughter became hungry while I was in emergency surgery) and made sure that the hospital staff followed my birth plan as close to how we wanted as possible. You remained level-headed and acted proactively during a time of crisis. You stayed with and supported my family. All of these things mean SO much to me. HUGS to you and BIG THANKS!

Irma P.

Samantha! Here is a poem of my experience with this amazing woman:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Samantha’s the best doula
She takes care of you!
She befriends you immediately
And is extremely informative.
Her love for her profession
Is caring and affirmative.
Through 2 weeks of false labor
She was caring and sincere.
Samantha made me smile and laugh
Through 17 hours of labor with cheer.
Her knowledge of Hypnobabies
kept me super comfortable,
That at the end, my labor
was absolutely no trouble!
If I have another child,
Samantha will be by my side
Because as a friend and professional,
There truly is no better guide

Barbie K.

Before meeting Samantha and Stacy I knew very little about the role doulas actually played in the childbirth experience other than offering support. Well after the halfway mark of my second pregnancy I learned I couldn’t get an epidural like I’d had for my first delivery. In a strange way it was reassuring that the decision was essentially made for me​,​ since I’d really disliked the way the epidural made me feel the first time. ​Although the thought of going without it was intimidating.

A few family members and friends urged me to find a doula and my doctor recommended Stacy and Samantha. We met​ and​ discussed a birth plan (which was also foreign to me, my only plan was to have the baby!)​.​ Well it turned out to be an amazing experience and I still look back in awe of how these two women stepped in and helped me have a natural delivery without any pain medication or p​i​tocin​,​ even though I checked in ​to ​the hospital to be induced.

Stacy and Samantha worked with the doctor and nurses, persistent but not pushy, they had my baby’s and my best interest in mind throughout the entire day. They stayed with me for hours, walked the halls, encouraged, and coached me through breathing. They knew when I’d rested a little to long and needed to walk to keep things progressing naturally, and insisted I change positions when the contractions were most painful because they knew it would bring relief. They knew when I should use the bathtub (which I had not intended to use) to ease the pain of the contractions, also when it was time to call the doctor because the baby was coming. They were with me to guide me through the whole experience. While my husband offered support, my doulas had the knowledge and experience I needed to get through it.

By that evening of the same day I had my healthy, beautiful baby girl, a surprising 9 lb. 13 oz! It was the hardest, best thing I’ve ever done and I know it would have been a much different experience without their guidance and for that I’m very grateful! I can’t believe at first I wondered if their fee was worth it ​or if I ​even ​needed doulas​;​ now I know ​how invaluable they really are​​!


Samantha recently accompanied my husband and me during the birth of our son (2nd child). She was a calming and encouraging presence in the delivery room. We are very thankful to have met Samantha, and grateful to have accomplished our goal of natural, unmedicated child birth through her guidance! No question we will ask her to accompany us, if we are blessed with another little one

Felicia O.

As a first time mom, who read everything I could get my hands on regarding having a natural pregnancy and delivery, hiring a doula was never a question. After meeting with Stacy, who patiently answered all of my (two pages worth of) questions, I knew it had to be her. Labor did not go as I expected and was much more intense from the very beginning. But Stacy answered her phone at 4am and was available via phone, at my house, and then at the hospital for the next 24 hours. She was priceless. She showed my husband ways he could physically and emotionally support me through the experience. She calmly and almost empathetically reminded me to breathe. During transition, her voice, her tone, and even her soul made me realize that she is doing what she is called to do. I cannot imagine a more honest, caring, strong, and impassioned doula. When things did not go as planned at the hospital, she was there to answer my questions and assuage my fears. Stacy is definitely someone to have in your corner, and I will certainly have her with me during my next delivery.

Jaymi G.

I had my baby in March 2015. As expected my birth went nothing as I planned. While my husband and mom were great support, Stacy was super important and great addition to my birth team. She is familiar with the hospital, the nurses, midwives, policies, procedures and anything that can happen during birth, but she is there to support you and your birth team! Could not have done it without her. Plus she does prenatal yoga. It’s like having weekly appointments. Awesomeness.

Jodi T.

Hiring Stacy was one of the best decisions I made! I originally hired her because my doctor’s office was down to one midwife so there was a good chance I was not going to know the doctor who was going to deliver my baby. I wanted somebody I knew and trusted so I would feel comfortable voicing my opinion. My husband went along with it because it was what I wanted but was not sure it was necessary. It did not take long to see that Stacy was extremely valuable. She gave so much information before to help me make decisions and helped me advocate for myself when they wanted to induce earlier than I wanted and earlier than was necessary. During labor (which ended up being an induction) she helped remind me to relax, showed me positions that would help my baby descend since that was what was stalling my labor, and supported my husband. She did a great job at helping my husband to be an active part of our daughter’s birth. He felt like he was better able to support me because Stacy was there guiding us. I really wanted to birth without pain medicine and with Stacy’s help I was able to do that. I also believe that she helped me avoid a c-section. I was at a higher risk for one since I was induced and my baby did not want to drop down. Afterwards she helped with my first breastfeed and continued to check-in on me throughout the first few weeks to see if I needed help with anything. After our experience my husband who had been skeptical at first told me he was so glad we hired Stacy. She is an amazing person who really has a gift for being a doula. We have already decided that when the time comes to have a second child, we will be hiring Stacy again! What I wrote above is just a small snapshot of all the support she gave to my husband and me. Stacy was an extremely important part of the birth of our daughter and I highly recommend hiring her!

Jenna W.

It is my first-born’s second birthday, and as time has passed, I continue to cherish the role of my doula as part of our birth story. During pregnancy, it is easy to focus narrowly on childbirth as this one-time event that we just have to get through. I realize now, that is false. Childbirth is a life-changing event that stays with us forever. Having a doula ensured that both of my labors were empowering experiences not to be feared or forgotten. That is an amazing gift of support that I will always be grateful for, and one that keeps on giving. Thank you, Stacy!

Ashley B.

We had a fantastic experience with Samantha and we emphatically recommend her services. My husband and I felt anxious about labor since this was our first child and neither of us had any relevant experience. We felt particularly anxious about not knowing what to do while I was in labor, and about feeling pressured by doctors to allow unnecessary interventions. I am so glad we decided to hire a doula, and Samantha in particular. I am confident my labor and delivery experience would have been much different, and much less of a positive experience, had she not been part of my team. We were dismayed when we began interviewing doula candidates in the DC area, that many place limits on the length of time they will stay with you (often “12 hour” clauses), or charge additional hourly fees if your labor goes over those limits, and many are unwilling to come to your home during early labor. We were really happy to learn that this is not Samantha at all. To the contrary, Samantha gave us unlimited time, including a very helpful pre-labor planning session in our home, frequent texts and emails including lots of suggestions for things I could do after my due date came and went, and most importantly, full support throughout my very long labor. Samantha labored with us at home through the night, traveled with us to my OB Gyn in DC to determine if I was in active labor before going to the hospital, and stayed with us at the hospital for over 24 hours. I did not have an easy labor, and many times, as my husband and I had feared, doctors encouraged interventions. Samantha’s support helped my husband and I make decisions with clarity, and her constant encouragement and belief in me, in spite of my slow and difficult labor, helped me narrowly avoid a C-section. I can’t say enough about what a great doula she is – Samantha has a wealth of knowledge about labor and is incredibly passionate about birth and family. You won’t go wrong if you choose to work with her.

Meredith D.

Stacy was our doula for my second pregnancy and she was truly invaluable. The labor experience was very different from our first but I felt infinitely more comfortable with her there. She was also a great resource while pregnant. She helped me feel more in control of something I was definitely not in control of! I cannot recommend her enough!

Danielle D.

These ladies are amazing and empowering women. Stacy’s yoga class prepared my body physically for the exhaustion of labor and mentally with breathing and relaxation techniques. And Samantha was there for me every step of the way, helping me with all my questions and keeping me comfort with frozen yogurt dates while my husband was gone. She then helped prepare and calm my husband with techniques to use in labor. Not to mention, in the actual labor and delivery she was amazing. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable, she helped calm me down and keep me going and able to stick to my natural birth plan. My husband and I couldn’t have had such a wonderful birth experience if Samantha wasn’t there.

Jill H.

After finding out I was pregnant, a friend had recommended hiring Stacy. I had not heard of a doula before and wasn’t sure it was the right fit for us – but then we met Stacy and she was absolutely amazing! She was so helpful and knowledgeable. She made my entire pregnancy and birth process easier. When I had random questions, she was there to answer them. She empowered me by giving me the necessary information so I could make decisions on how I wanted my birth process to go and was supportive of my decisions. She also walked my husband through his role in the process and how he could help/support me both during the pregnancy and birth. It was extremely helpful for both of us and helped my husband to be apart of the entire process.

When my birth didn’t go as planned (I had to be induced), she was there the whole time to talk us through the process and what to expect next. While the staff at the hospital was good, it was nice to have someone that I was comfortable with and actually knew me to explain what would happen next and what my options were. And it’s not like her support ended after I had the baby. She checked in on us to make sure we were doing well when we got home and has continued to check on us regularly to this day.

It is apparent from the minute you meet Stacy that this is not a job for her, it is her passion. I cannot (and hopefully don’t have to!) imagine having another baby without Stacy as my doula.

I also took Sam’s “Let’s Talk Baby” class. It was really helpful for both my husband and myself – we learned a lot. I am an information nerd so I found this class beneficial and would definitely recommend it.

CarrieAnn P.

I am very fortunate to have gotten to know both Stacey and Samantha. I met Stacey through her amazing pre-natal yoga class…I am SO NOT a yoga person…but Stacey is a very patient teacher and does an excellent job of creating an environment which fosters positivity and friendship between mamas.

My husband and I met Samantha several months before I was due with my daughter, What we liked most about Samantha, aside from her non-pushy/judgmental demeanor, is the fact that she has personal and professional experience with multiple birthing paths (natural childbirth, medicated births, C-section births). While ultimate “goal” was for a non-medicated natural child birth I wound up delivering my daughter via unplanned c-section due to complications from pre-eclampsia. Prior to the c-section I had a 35+ hour intense labor in which I was not allowed up from the hospital bed. Samantha helped get me as comfortable as possible in bed, provided multiple positioning techniques and really helped my stressed out husband understand everything that was going on. After our daughter was born Samantha provided on call breastfeeding guidance and support. Unfortunately less than 2 weeks after having the baby both my daughter AND myself wound up back in the hospital due to complications. When my child was transported up to Georgetown hospital (with my husband) and I was unable to go Samantha accompanied them BOTH up to the hospital. She went ABOVE and beyond anything we ever expected. I cannot recommend her enough. We knew we were hiring a doula but in reality my family and I made a precious friend for life

Daniel H.

As a helpless first time Dad, Samantha’s assistance throughout the labor process was invaluable. Plain and simple. My wife had a beautiful all-natural delivery–and Samantha was a key reason why that experience was so special. If you are looking to deliver your child with as little interventions as possible–I really recommend Doulas of Southern Maryland. The peace of mind throughout the process is more than worth it!

Ian E.

I first met Stacy in her Pre/Post natal yoga class. I had never heard of a doula before, but after being in her classes, I knew I wanted her calming and positive energy in our delivery room. My husband needed a little persuasion that this doula we didn’t know all that well need to be in the delivery room with us. (He is beyond thankful he agreed now though!) She was absolutely amazing about staying in contact with us throughout the pregnancy and answering any of my first time mom questions. Our delivery was exactly what we hoped for and we will forever be grateful to Stacy! I highly recommend her.

Theresa S.

As soon as we found out we were pregnant I knew we’d need a Doula. Not only for her to be a steady and solid presence at our birth but also a supportive and calming force needed to assist my ‘nervous’ husband’s jitters, Stacy did both tasks famously. Not once throughout my labor or birth did I panic or have feelings of helplessness and I attribute that to Stacy and her preparedness. My job was to deliver a healthy, beautiful baby and I know I was able to do that because I had a support person like Stacy who became all the things I needed during that special time in our family’s life. Thank you Stacy for continuing to be with us. Your knowledge and peace of presence are much appreciated!

Zabe G.

As a first time mom, I was hesitant at first to hire a doula. It seemed like an extra person in the hospital and an added cost. However this could not be further from the truth. Upon meeting Stacy and discussing not only pregnancy concerns but labor and life with a newborn, my husband and I agreed that hiring a doula was the right choice for us. Stacy was informative with research based articles, as well as patient and reassuring with all of our questions. During the birth of our son she helped my husband and I through labor in so many ways. Because of her my labor and delivery was a beautiful experience as a first time mom. And even now she continues to be supportive and understanding as our adventure into parenthood continues.

Angela C.

Stacy was our doula for the birth of my son 3 years ago. Her knowledge, passion and love for working with pregnant mothers is just amazing! I can not say enough how wonderful her support was for us through the entire birthing process. She was with us before (meeting with us monthly during my pregnancy), during and after the birth providing education and emotional support every step of the way. Love her and would highly recommend her services!

Jessica L. F.

Stacy was my doula, I met her at prenatal yoga. My husband was a little skeptical about whether or not a doula was necessary, but since I’d be doing all the heavy lifting in this amazing life event, he was kind enough to me her. One meeting was all it took for him to agree, and after having the most beautiful, smooth, miraculous birth, we both sing her praises to the rooftops.

Ashley G. R.

I hired Stacy to be my doula for my vba2c. My previous births had not been good experiences and I had a lot of concerns for this birth. Stacy offered generous prenatal support, and she never made me feel like my fears and anxieties were an inconvenience or “crazy”. During labor she intuitively knew exactly what I needed during all stages, and was a huge support to my husband as well. Her involvement continued postpartum and I feel like I made a good friend instead of just a smart birth decision.

Jenny C.

The very best thing I did surrounding the birth of my daughter was hire Samantha. She was present throughout my entire pregnancy to help me prepare mentally and physically for childbirth, was active during labor and delivery in helping me to be as comfortable as possible, and ultimately was the driving force in my ability to achieve all of my birth goals. My husband was able to be more active in the process because of her guidance. After delivery, she took time to make sure breastfeeding, bonding, and my mental health was going well. Without a doubt, we will look to Sam to be on our team for our next child as well! She helped birth my baby and helped birth myself into motherhood.

Emek K.

We were very fortunate to know Stacy, and having her as our doula was one of the best decisions we have made as a couple in this journey. She was always there for us. Before the birth of our daughter, providing us with information so we could make better decisions, resolving my concerns and calming my fears and worries, working with me on controlling my hypertension. During the birth, which lasted over 30 hours, she was a rock for us. I don’t know what we would do without her. She was so compassionate, strong, and wise, and helped us have a great experience. Stacy loves her job, and is extraordinary at it. When you have Stacy as your doula, you don’t just have a doula for your birth, but you have a friend and a constant and forever support well beyond the birth. Weeks after the birth, she still visits us, answering our questions and helping us learn how to take care of our baby. We are so grateful, Stacy. We love you.

Jennifer M.

I wish Samantha has been with me for the birth of my first two children–my son’s birth was by far the best out of all three of my birth experiences. I waited until the week before my due date to book Samantha which should have been awkward but it wasn’t! After talking to Samantha for an hour I felt like we had been friends for 10 years. She kept me calm as my due date came and went and was at the hospital as I labored early and was sent home. I always wanted a natural delivery and I can tell you that without Samantha I would have caved and got the epidural. She kept me focused and did amazing things to ease my pain. I love my husband but you need a professional coach for labor! She stayed for hours after I delivered and answered the phone all hours of the night when I called with questions. And we’re still friends today. I couldn’t recommend a better person

Meg T.

Stacy was a tremendous support person, and contributed such knowledge towards supporting our natural birth goal. She was absolutely an integral part of the “team”, and provided help and information for my husband as well. Above all, when an unexpected post birth complication occurred, she never left my side. This allowed my husband to be with our son who also needed support. She went above and beyond to ensure I was supported until family could arrive, hours later. Stacy continues to follow up with us and has always been there if we need her. She truly loves and supports all stages of pregnancy, birth, and after care. I would recommend including her in your birth experience, no matter what kind of birth support you are looking for.

Meagan L.

Stacy is AMAZING!! With her help I was able to have the natural birth I hoped for, even after 45 hours of labor. You will NOT regret making the best decision ever to hire her!

Savannah D.

Let me start by saying that Samantha is just awesome. I had my first son down in Jacksonville and had a doula who came very highly recommended by the natural birthing community and who actually taught our Bradley class. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. Had an absolutely terrible doula experience and a terrible labor and delivery because of it. 44 hours of labor that started as a home birth and ended with all kinds of unwanted interventions at the hospital. This time couldn’t have been more different. Samantha was just great from the initial contact via Facebook Messenger all the way through to the birth of our second son. She was incredibly empathetic at what I had experienced with my first and vowed to be all that we deserved this time. Throughout my pregnancy she was in constant contact to ask how I was doing and whether we needed anything. She was very thorough in our home visits and never rushed us. She was really someone I could count on to answer questions as they came up and I felt like I could lean on her when I was having anxieties about different things that come up when you’re hormonal and slightly irrational there toward the end. The baby turned breech at 37 weeks and she immediately came over to talk through all of my options, to give us exercises, and to recommend resources that would help give us the best chance at getting him to flip back head down. She was always so supportive and positive. Within a week, he had flipped. Hallelujah! I thought I was in labor three times before I actually was and she was very responsive and encouraging as we navigated those false alarms. The day I actually went into labor, she met us at the hospital at 2 am only to have us sent back home to continue to labor and progress more. We kept in close contact throughout the morning and by 1 pm, we were headed back to the hospital. My contractions were so intense, but were never closer together than 5 minutes. I didn’t think I had progressed at all and I was just too exhausted to go on. I was devastated that I would probably not get the natural birth I had hoped for. She met us at the hospital to be evaluated and 8 minutes later, her and my husband caught the baby! The nurse was hitting the alarm on the wall because baby was crowning and before anyone could get there, he slid right out. She’s not only a doula, but now she can add baby catcher to her résumé! It was so great to have her right there in the middle of it all and after such a hard time with my first, I was able to have the healing birth I so wanted. After he was born, she really took her time with us and didn’t rush out. She always made sure we were comfortable and had all that we needed. Over the course of our relationship, she became like family and we will always remain in touch. She was all we could’ve asked for and more. Can’t recommend her enough!

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