Pregnancy and childbirth are an amazing and empowering time in a woman’s life. Each woman needs to be nurtured and supported in the way that feels most comfortable to her, ensuring that HER voice, HER vision, and HER needs are met.

We have over 12 years combined experience and have attended over 400 births.


It is through education and training, life experience and intuition that I can best meet your needs. As your DONA Trained Doula, having seven years of experience, I promise a birth experience free of judgment, allowing you to feel safe, secure, and capable to meet the needs of childbirth. As a graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, I have been a part of this community for over 20 years and have witnessed the positive changes taking place in our birth community. I have attended births in all of the area hospitals and have built an amazing relationship with doctors, midwives, and hospital staff. With continued education in Spinning Babies, lactation specialist training, prenatal yoga and relaxation techniques, I continue to broaden my understanding of pregnancy, labor and motherhood. I call it “adding tools to my toolbox.” As your Doula, I do not limit the amount of prenatal visits we may have. Each mother is special and unique and it is through these visits that we build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. This relationship can begin as early in your pregnancy as you wish.

I am the proud mama of two young men. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum of childbirth. My oldest son was a footling breech baby, umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, delivered via emergency cesarean section. My youngest son was born naturally without the use of drugs or medical intervention. Both experiences, while very different, ultimately brought the same results, the birth of a healthy child. No matter what choices you make regarding your labor, either natural or medically assisted, I will be by your side offering guidance, experience, support, and encouragement so that you can remain calm and focused on the birth of your baby.


My mission is to enhance the physical, emotional, and psychological health of mothers and their families through education and loving support during the whole journey of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. I am a DONA Trained Doula with a degree in psychology.  I am also a childbirth educator. I have completed my certification as a “Hypno Babies” Doula. I am a breastfeeding specialist with 14 years of experience. I am also Spinning Babies trained. I live in Southern Maryland with my husband and our 8 children. I am very passionate about anything involving pregnancy and birth.
My hope is to bring that passion into each and every birth I attend. Through education, training and personal experience, I hope to help expecting mothers by providing them a memorable birth experience tailored to their needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.

While no one can predict what each labor will bring, having a doula present can optimize your experience in many ways and help your birth be a treasured memory.

“My goal is to take care of you and your needs during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.  My sole purpose is to assist you in attaining your birth wishes. I, as your doula, will be there to support, comfort and educate. I will be your guide, your coach, your support, your focus, your friend.”

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